Supply Chain Planning


$1.5 Trillion

Total shipping cost for US companies in 2017


Of companies report poor visibility across their supply chain


Lower supply chain cost for companies with optimal supply chains

Drastically expand the analytics and visibility of supply chain management systems with Lucata’s software-agnostic solution. We amplify the abilities of supply chain management systems, allowing for real-time, global analytics of the most expansive supply chains, whether the system is running on a relational or graph database.

The Supply Chain Planning Challenge

Global supply chains are an interconnected network of multi-site suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers that stretch across industries and geographies. As a result, global supply chains continuously generate massive amounts of data. And analyzing this data can drive better decisions.

The supply chain of large-scale manufacturing operations can account for up to 20 percent of a company’s costs. However, failure occurs too often, leading to:

  • Late delivery of critical components
  • Unexpected logistics costs
  • Contract penalties to suppliers
  • Loss of sales because of unmet demand
  • Assembly line inactivity

The Business Continuity Institute’s 2017 report on the global supply chain reported that 65% of companies had at least one supply chain disruption. Although the issues were not physical in nature, many of these failures could have been prevented with proper technology to monitor supply chain performance and provide real-time actionable insights.

Organizations have already collected the necessary data to identify potential choke points in supply chains or run scenarios to understand the scale of the risk. However, traditional platforms are too slow and generally incapable of analyzing the massive volume of partners, routes, transactions, and other data stored across various tables to make real-time decisions.

Whether the supply chain management system uses a graph or relational database, traditional systems do not perform as well as they should.  Traditional systems cannot provide the speed, scale, or visibility necessary to provide real-time actionable insights for expansive supply chain networks.

The Solution to Optimize Supply Chain Planning

The innovative Lucata Pathfinder platform supercharges the performance of traditional supply chain management systems, enabling real-time analytics and complete visibility of complex global supply chain networks. 

Finding the best route, recognizing critical bottlenecks, and finding alternative distribution options in the case of disruption can all be painstaking and prolonged problems for traditional architectures.  A company can lose millions of dollars each year from delays in these calculations but Lucata can help.  

For example, when there is a disruption in the supply chain, a new optimized supply chain must be calculated in real-time to minimize losses.  Finding the optimal solution requires performing a Jaccard similarity on the supply chain. Pathfinder can perform Jaccard similarity ten times faster than a traditional system running the same problem on a graph with 1 billion vertices. As the number of nodes increases, the performance improvement also increases. 

A single rack of Pathfinder servers can analyze scale 35 databases (34 billion vertices). Pathfinder can be expanded to analyze scale 42 graphs and beyond without sharding while also improving graph analytics performance by 100x to 1,000x compared to conventional servers. In addition to enhanced speed and scalability, the Pathfinder improves programmer productivity since no reprogramming is required as a supply chain scales.

Lucata Enables Effective Supply Chain Planning at Massive Scale

The next generation performance you need to perform supply chain on databases with 1 trillion vertices and beyond with no data pruning or database sharding. Plan effectively by by digging deeper into your data than ever before possible in real-time.

Lucata Powers a New Era in Supply Chain Planning

While a company’s supply chain can account for a large percentage of its costs, most companies cannot make real-time and accurate management decisions because of the massive amount of data produced. This leads to unnecessary delays, penalties, and more. The software agnostic Lucata platform can improve the scale and speed of an existing supply chain management system, which enables real-time analytics and complete visibility into complex global supply chain networks.