Scaling Issues

Lucata easily integrates with existing servers to enable enhanced performance and programming abilities

Lucata offers huge scalability and performance advancements while using 1/8th the rack space and 1/10th the power of traditional server configurations

Why Choose Lucata

The next generation computing architecture optimized for massive scale

Fast Analytics on Massive Graphs Using GraphBLAS or Lucata Libraries

Achieve The Impossible

  • Enhance servers’ capacity with a simple extension
  • Scale without clustering software
  • Stream updates in real time without database locking
Use Open Source or Custom Graph Databases That Use Cypher

Programmer Efficiency

    • Eliminate the need for continuous re-programming 
    • Access data as a monolithic global address space
    • Continue working with your existing software solutions
Easily Scales to Analyze Monolithic 512GB to 4PB Graph Databases

Deeper Insights

    • No data pruning or sharding
    • Enable real-time graph analytics with superior performance
    • Analyze at higher capacities than previously possible

Lucata Delivers First Commercially Available System to Enable Banks to Detect Fraud in Real-Time

December 2021

What Sets Us Apart

The Pathfinder revolutionizes graph analytics, machine learning, and AI with a next-generation architecture that overcomes the scale and performance limitations of traditional computing approaches

No pruning means no machine learning or AI training biases or inaccuracies


 No biases in machine-learning or AI training

Enables real-time, parallel graph analytics with no data pruning


Enables parallel graph analytics with no data pruning

Slots for sixty-four 100 GBit I/O cards on each Pathfinder rack

Parallel Ingestion

Slots for sixty-four 100 GBit I/O cards on per Pathfinder rack

Consumes 1/60 of the power and 1/20 of the space of conventional computers


Surpasses conventional computers using 1/10 the power and 1/8 the rack space

Learn About the Patented Lucata Migratory Thread Processing Technology

Learn how next generation computing enables faster analytics on larger graphs than ever before possible with conventional computers

Where We Make a Difference

Financial Fraud Detection

Financial Fraud Detection

Use graph analytics to detect and eliminate fraud



Identify and eradicate bad actors faster and more easily

AI & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Model training with no pruning or sharding bias

Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning

Optimize global supply chains at unprecedented levels

Lucata’s novel approach makes the intractable tractable.

Flavio Villanustre – VP of Technology at LexisNexis