About Lucata

“Today’s computer architectures are basically the same as they were 50 years ago. No one could have predicted then the vast data sets organizations would employ today – it no longer makes sense to move mountains of data in and out of the CPU’s. At Lucata we dared to conceive a computer that addresses this challenge from the ground up.”

– Marty Deneroff, Lucata COO and Chief Technologist

The next-generation Lucata computer architecture enables organizations to accelerate and scale graph analytics orders of magnitude beyond the capabilities of existing approaches. Lucata leverages patented migrating thread technology to massively scale unified memory and perform high performance, multi-hop analytics, including exhaustive breadth-first search (BFS), on unpruned, unsharded scale 40 databases and beyond. You can now analyze deeper connections on much larger graphs – using existing graph database software or custom graph solutions – than ever before possible. Lucata solutions support groundbreaking graph analytics and improved machine learning for organizations in financial services, cybersecurity, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, ecommerce, government and more. The company has offices in Palo Alto, New York City, and South Bend, Indiana.


Frank Brown, Chief Financial Officer

Frank Brown brings more than 30 years of financial management and operations experience in the technology industry to Lucata. Most recently, he was CFO at RiskSense until its acquisition by Ivanti. Previously, he was interim CFO at SpringCM, a high-growth SaaS company ultimately acquired by DocuSign, and CFO and Chief Operating Officer at Attensity, an industry pioneer in Big Data analytics and artificial intelligence, until its acquisition by InContact in 2016. Frank’s background includes experience as an investment banker, venture capitalist, and software developer with Oracle and Accenture. He was also Managing Partner of Amber Ventures Consulting, where he mentored and served as an executive for emerging technology companies, helping them achieve operational and process improvements to optimize cash flow and profitability. Frank holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a BS in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

Marty Deneroff, Chief Operating Officer

Marty’s prior experience includes VP Server and Micro-Processor Engineering at SGI where he was responsible for delivering systems and VP Engineering at D.E. Shaw Research where he was chief architect of the Anton. Marty has 30+ yrs. experience in the industry in a variety of capacities

Saurabh Kulkarni, Chief Product Officer

Saurabh has held various leadership positions at Intel, Microsoft, Oracle and Graphcore prior to Lucata. He brings more than 20 years of experience covering domains including Computer Architecture, Server Platform Architecture, Cloud Infrastructure and Services, HPC and AI systems. Saurabh’s experience has spanned engineering, product management and business development. He is passionate about taking disruptive technological ideas from concept to product.

Jim Light, Vice President of Business Development

Board of Directors

John Donovan, Former CEO of AT&T Communications


James Hunt, Managing Partner Lavrock Ventures


David Sutherland, President Middleburg Capital


Bob Bishop, President & Founder of the ICES Foundation


Kevin Connors, Founder, Orbit Venture Partners



Board of Advisors

Dr. Charles Leiserson, Edwin Sibley Webster Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT


Don Haderle, IBM (retired)



Peter M.Kogge, Ph.D. – Founder

Peter is a Chaired Professor in Notre Dame’s Department of Computer Science and Engineering . Peter is an IBM Fellow and the 2012 Seymour Cray Award winner among other awards. Prior to academia, he spent 26 yrs. with IBM Federal. Peter’s undergraduate degree is from Notre Dame and he has a Ph.D. from Stanford in Electrical Engineering.

Jay Brockman, Ph.D. – Founder

Jay is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and an Associate Dean of the College of Engineering at Notre Dame. He spent four years at Intel prior to academia. Carnegie Mellon Ph.D., ND Professor, 4 yr. Senior Product Engineer at Intel, 28 yrs. in academia with most recent 22 years being at Notre Dame.

Ed Upchurch, Ph.D. – Founder

Ed Upchurch has served as a member of the board of directors since its incorporation and functioned as CEO until completion of Emu’s first round of funding in 2014. Ed retired from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2014 and is currently a visiting associate in Caltech’s Physics, Math and Astronomy Division, and Senior Scientist at ID Technology Partners. He holds a MS in computer science from the University of Wisconsin Madison and a PhD in computer engineering from the University of Texas Austin.