Social Network Analysis


4.5 Billiion

People who use social media



Social media profiles that are fake


$62.6 Billion

Social networking market size in 2021

Better understand your users, search for bad actors, or build a metaverse platform with capabilities far beyond conventional computing systems when using the Lucata Pathfinder next generation computing architecture to power your social network analysis.

The Social Network Analysis Challenge

The size of social graphs continues to grow. However, most applications already require higher performance than traditional computer architectures can provide with the complex, deep queries required to understand the relationships between individuals in the network. Social network analysis “studies the behavior of the individual at the micro level, the pattern of relationships (network structure) at the macro level, and the interactions between the two” according to the International Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Social graphs cause many problems for traditional computing approaches because the graphs are highly interconnected. As soon as a graph extends beyond a single node on a conventional server, most of the graph connections are lost, so accurate social network analysis becomes impossible. In addition, bias is introduced as the programmer shards each graph.

The Solution

While traditional systems are unable to perform unbiased, exhaustive analytics on social graphs as applications scale beyond a single node, Pathfinder does not suffer from these limitations. Pathfinder removes the need for sharding, allows for much more complex queries, and can be scaled to support analytics on scale 42 graphs and beyond.

Without sharding, social graphs remain interconnected – interactions are not divided by location, application, or other arbitrary factor. Pathfinder accelerators allow all the necessary data to be in one place so not only the individual but the pattern of relationships and the interaction between the two can be analyzed. In other words, while other systems allow for partial social network analysis, Pathfinder enables a complete picture.

In addition to providing the comprehensive, unbiased view of graphs, Pathfinder also accelerates the analytical capabilities of traditional systems. Pathfinder allows an intel x86 to perform a query 600X faster than possible in a traditional computing architecture.

Increases in processing scale and speed are necessary for the future of social networking. Pathfinder provides a new approach to graph processing that overcomes the limits of conventional computing architectures.

Lucata Enables Effective Fraud Detection at Massive Scale

The next generation performance you need to perform social network analysis using graph analytics on massive databases with no data pruning or database sharding. Analyze your network by digging deeper into your network than ever before possible.

Lucata Powers a New Era in Social Network Analysis

Social graphs are expanding faster than ever before and will continue to grow due to the emerging metaverse. Conventional computing systems cannot handle the extreme scale and performance that social graph analytics require. Pathfinder is the best option to extract the needed information from massive social network graphs by leveraging the power of next generation computing architectures.