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Lucata offers a next-generation hardware architecture that provides unprecedented scalability, ingest capability and price performance for graph analytics and machine learning and AI training environments. Based on in-memory computing using migrating thread technology, Lucata eliminates the massive data movement that throttles clusters and message passing software

Overcoming the Inefficiencies of Distributed Graph Database Analytics

The next generation Lucata computing architecture overcomes the computing inefficiencies of distributed graph databases. 

An Overview of the Next-Generation Lucata Computing Architecture

The Lucata computing architecture utilizes Migrating Threads technology to overcome the limitations of traditional computing.

Avoiding the Data Pipeline Limitations of Machine and Deep Learning

The next-generation Lucata computing platform avoids the challenges inherent in creating data pipelines for machine learning. 

Big Data Analytics Without Data Pruning or Database Sharding

Learn how the Lucata platform enables real-time analytics on massive datasets with no MapReduce, pruning or database sharding.

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