RedisGraph Programming Architecture

In the RedisGraph programming architecture, you continue to run Redis in your traditional computing environment, while Pathfinder’s custom version of RedisGraph enhances your experience behind the scenes. Lucata’s custom implementation of RedisGraph provides higher performance and is much more scalable than RedisGraph running on traditional computing architectures. These enhancements reveal richer context and deeper insight into your data than ever before.


The RedisGraph Lucata Programming Architecture

You run Redis and the RedisGraph module on your existing infrastructure with the same user interface you already know well. Whether you use the visual interface or command line to gather insights, Pathfinder will enhance your experience with higher performance graph processing.

Pathfinder works behind the scenes, intercepting GraphBLAS calls made by RedisGraph, to process graphs or sparse linear algebra that traditional architectures have issues processing. Pathfinder automatically distributes data and processing internally to optimize parallel performance.