Pathfinder Specifications

A Breakthrough Approach to Addressing the Toughest Big Data Challenges

Lucata Pathfinder systems are built from the ground up for unprecedented performance in data intensive big data environments. The system delivers a truly scalable shared memory which simplifies programming as compared to clusters with MPI or GPUs. The cache-less design overcomes previous system generations’ shared memory inhibitors which include coherency cost and complexity. And, unlike other computers, our migrating thread technology dramatically reduces data movement across the network by moving just the program context rather than large data chunks. Our solutions leverage familiar, industry standard software and are straight-forward to query and program. We do this while building energy efficient technology solutions that dramatically reduce data movement which results in reduced power consumption. This enables breakthrough capabilities for NoSQL, NewSQL, graph query and data science focused databases with integrated machine learning

Scalable Modular System

The Lucata Pathfinder is a modular, strong-scalable system that enables users to optimally size and grow their analytics and database systems as needed. A single rack mountable chassis, containing 8 nodes, can simultaneously execute over 12,000 concurrent threads. The Lucata Compute Elements are specifically designed to deliver scale and performance on high volume, small transactions and queries. The system utilizes a unique cache-less, narrow channel memory access system that enables 8-byte transfers foundational to the efficient implementation of migratory threads. Racks can be combined within a 100M radius to create a massive single image of unified memory coupled with millions of parallel threads and hundreds of thousands of PCIe slots for parallel ingest, streaming I/O and storage expansion.

Linux Operating Environment and Ecosystem

Each node board includes a standard processor for Linux and service requests, along with multiple Lucata Compute Elements that handles massively parallel compute utilizing migrating program contexts (threads) to dramatically reduce data movement. The Pathfinder is programmed in Cilk, which is an enhancement of C/C++ that adds three keywords for parallel asynchronous threading. An open API enables industry standard application software to run on the standard processor while calling optimized algorithms and parallel codes on the Lucata Compute Elements, opening a robust ecosystem of tools that enables users to work in familiar environments while tapping into Lucata’s innovative architecture. The Pathfinder system includes a massively parallel data-base storage engine to accelerate SQL and graph queries at scale. GraphBlas and RedisGraph have been ported to the Lucata Platform to exploit the architecture.

Lucata Pathfinder Specifications

Model Chassis Rack Multi Rack
Chassis Enclosure Type 4.5U rackmount 8- 4.5U rackmount Multiple Racks
Node Boards 8 8- 64 72 – 131,072+
Max. Lucata Compute Elements 192 Up to 1536 Up to 18,432
Max. Concurrent Threads 12,288 98,304 201,326,592
Max. Memory (TB) 512-1TB 8 TB 8,192 TB
Interconnect & Topology 6 12 port specialized switches 24 uplinks per module Specialized 2nd Tier Switches
Topology 8 endpoint star with 6 planes Fully connected graph of eight fully connected 8-node groups 24 plane x 12 port/plane. 8 ports down- linked per module, 4 ports uplinked to other switches
Internal NVMe SSD 8 M.2 (8- 16TB) NVMe SSD 64 M.2 (128TB) NVMe SSD (262 PB) NVMe SSD
Expansion Slots 8 PCIe 64 PCIe 131,072 PCIe
Bi-Section Bandwidth 240 GB/s Up to 1,920 GB/s Up to 7,680 GB/s +
External Storage Options Industry standard Linux RAID, NAS, SAN Industry standard Linux RAID, NAS, SAN Industry standard Linux RAID, NAS, SAN
Standard Rack Options Rack mountable 42U R ack Multiple 42U Racks
Enclosure Specifications
Max. Modules/ Enclosure 1 8 chassis 8 chassis plus one switch module per rack*
Max Enclosures/System 1 rack* Up to 1024 racks+
Airflow Front to back Front to back Front to back
Cooling Architecture Forced convection air cooled Forced convection air cooled Forced convection air cooled
Power Architecture N+1 Hot swappable power supplies N+1 Hot swappable power supplies N+1 Hot swappable power supplies
Input Power 90-264VAC, single phase 50/60Hz 200-240VAC, 3 phase 50/60Hz two circuits recommended 200-240VAC, 3 phase 50/60Hz two circuits recommended
Power Supplies/Enclosure 3 per chassis 3 per chassis 3 per chassis
Environmental (Operating) 18-27C, 40-60% RH ASHRAE server room standards 18-27C, 40-60% RH ASHRAE server room standards 18-27C, 40-60% RH ASHRAE server room standards
Dimensions 19" width, 27" depth, 7.9" height 24" width, 43" depth, 84" height 24” width, 43” depth, 84” height
Weight 75 lbs 1300 lbs 1300 lbs per rack
*The rack system has been designed to meet relevant safety and emissions requirements.
Certification testing will not be complete before initial product deliveries, as such, agency certification labels will not be available at that time.
Software Support
Operating System CENTOS Linux
System Compiler Emu C / C++ / OpenCilk LLVM 6 compiler
Optimizing Languages Cilk, C, C++, CilkPlus, OpenMP
Front-end Languages Python 2/3, Java, SQL, any code running on NXP/PowerPC
API to call MPP optimized algorithms, codes